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Oscars 2012

My youngest son shows effection by panting & licking my cheek like a dog. I know this sounds very creepy but he’s only 3 so its cute!

So I am panting & licking over these red carpet looks.

I love everything about this!

Love Gwyneth! Love the dress & cape!

Melissa is rocking this dress!

Lookin’ good, Jonah!

Love Sandra! The back of this dress is as pretty as the front.

Yes, she looks good as always but I am getting a little tired of it. Does she have to stick her leg out to make this dress work?

I think he is her stylist? And he is doing a good job.

I like this but I know I am going to get some flak for it. She could use a big turquoise necklace.

Cameron looks beautiful but the more I look at it, it kind of looks like a strapless Spanx, NO?

Yum! I love a good bad boy! I miss Hero’s. I met Zachary in New York last summer & my husband took a picture of us but can’t find it! Go figure.


My mother always said “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all”. So I will stay silent for these looks.

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