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It’s all in the details!

I don’t like white ceilings! They are BORING!!

When I am designing a room I not only look at the walls & the floor I look at the ceiling as well. There are so many amazing ways to treat a ceiling. The photos below are from a home I designed in 2008.

My design inspiration for this ceiling was to make it seem like it had been painted over & over through many years & the paint was starting to peal away to expose the original mural underneath.

On this ceiling, I simply added wallpaper. So much fun!

In the master sitting room I put wallpaper on the walls & a grass cloth wallpaper on the ceiling. It was such a great effect.

The bowling ally was a big task! How do you make a bowling ally look good?? Well, I decided to do go with a very personal design direction & hired a graffiti artist to paint the walls & the ceiling with images of the family’s favorite sports teams & hobby’s. The end result is amazing.

In the master bath I used a combination of wallpaper & antique beams to create a rustic, warm, classic feel.




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