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It’s all about COMFORT

I am one of those people who comes home from work & goes straight to my room to remove all my jewelry & work clothes & put on my comfy clothes. Most of the time my comfy clothes are PJ’s but keep in mind I chose my PJ’s with the notion that if I had to run to Publix for bread, milk or WINE I could. Plus I have 3 boy’s so I am that mom that is sitting in my driveway, in my lawn chair, in my PJ’s while my boy’s are shooting baskets. I know they will need therapy for this!

Here are my must have COMFY things.

Comfy Sheets, from Innkeeper’s Secret 

Fit Flops, I have several pairs & I keep one pair just for around the house like slippers!

Gap Body lounge wear

PJ’s from Victoria Secret 




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