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Spray Tan

Summer is right around the corner & I can’t get that old saying ” If your going to be fat you better be tan” out of my head. Let’s face it, cellulite looks way better when it’s tan!

So with swim suit season on it’s way I decided to take one for the team & check it out.

I have vivid memories of my high school years looking a similar shade of orange as this.


Well I have good news! The spray tan has come a long way baby! I tried both the stand up spray tan machine & the hand held spray tan that is sprayed on by a human. The tan’s were equally awesome,  however the hand held spray tan did not have the not-so-pleasant smell like the machine spray tan did. Either way still worth it!

This is what you can expect from today’s spray tan. A beautiful bronze tan.

Typical before & after. (Trust me, this is not my body!! I wish!)

Celebraties that ROCK the spray tan.

So buy that new bikini & get tanning!







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  1. you soooo were orange in HS! It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of your post, before I read you admitting it 🙂 And yes.. as someone with super pale skin and several extra pounds… You can be fat, or you can white. You can NOT be both. 😉

  2. Love the blog today! I remember those orange HS days! Ha! Rock the new tan color people! It’s beautiful! Summer hear we come!

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