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This is not your Grandma’s Quilt!

So, I’ve never been a huge fan of quilts. They just remind me of old. You know, OLD. That is really the only way I can explain it! However, the function of a quilt is genius! It is decorative like a comforter but functions like a blanket so you can have less layers on your bed & it’s much easier to wash than a comforter or duvet. I’m realizing more & more how perfect they are for kids, especially when potty training is going on! I am washing bedding constantly lately; if its not a potty accident its the dogs dirty paws!

So leave it to Denyse Schmidt to change my mind on the quilt thing. Her quilts are amazing!! She will also make custom quilts with your own sentimental fabric or you can buy the fabric & the pattern from her & make it yourself. (Not for me!! But maybe you are the crafty sewing type?)

I think this is my favorite!


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