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Ombre Or Red??

Who Knew?? That the sudden change of my hair color would cause such an uproar in opinion?? I have been a red head for over 15 years. I am not a natural red head, however, with my skin tone I think red is what it should be.

I serious love people’s honesty, but I am also glad I have thick skin! I am amazed at how many people just come right out & say, what did you do to your hair!? I like it sooooo much better red!   Really?!?!?   I would never be that brutally honest! I would say something like “Oh I see you’ve changed you hair color, I like it dark. However with your skin tone I really like it red too.. See, now that is still honest but a bit more nice. My intention is not to stay dark forever, I just wanted a change. Change is fun!

So go ahead & tell me what you really think, I can take it..



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