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Simplifying My Life

Why do I or others in general think we need so much stuff?? It’s just stuff! As I am packing up my house to move into the rental house for a total of 3 months before we can officially move into our new house (shoot me now) I have come to the conclusion that if I gave everyone in my family ONE clear bin to put the clothes & stuff they want in it, they would be totally cool with that & everything else could go in the dumpster. How crazy is that? I really think life would be easier without all the extra clutter! This is really an eye opener for me & I am going to simplify my life starting now. This blog will be the first of many over the next 3 months, or however long it takes me to get into the new house, that is going to keep you up to date on all my “stuff” purging! Maybe it will inspire you to get rid of the clutter too!

DISCLAIMER! This is not my garage!


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