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The Stick On Bra!

You know when you see that great top & your like I have to have it? Then you try it on & your like OK what bra can I wear with this?? Is it the T back bra? The clear strap bra? (never a good idea BTW!). Do I do the bando bra? (which always ends up around your waist). No, none of those will look good or feel comfortable! But now there is another option! I found this bra at Target, of course. It is an adhesive bra! It’s not the adhesive that you wore to prom that ripped your skin off at 2AM when you were peeling off your dress. This adhesive bra is re-usable. In fact I wear mine for about 6 weeks then buy an new one. At only $16 – $25 it’s totally worth it!

Give it a try, you will love it!

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