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I have to vent!!!

I love what I do & I take my work very personally. I am very busy right now & I am so thankful for that!

So, the most important part of my job is communication; if I don’t know what you like & what you don’t like I can’t do my job. I alway start my presentations off with the disclaimer ” You do not hurt my feelings if you do not like something I have presented to you. This is your house, not mine, so tell me how you really feel.”

Well for the first time I have a client that does not like anything!!??? Well, let me back up a year. I have been working with these clients for over a year now. It is new construction & I have designed all the ceiling detail, selected all the tile, cabinets, lighting, counter tops, etc.. & so far the project has been a breeze!

However, now that we are in the furniture & window treatment selection phase, my clients have gone south!?? The problem is that they can not visualize anything & even though I am showing them the floor plan, the furniture placement, along with pieces of furniture & fabric, they still can’t picture it so therefore they do not like it!!? This is where the trust comes in. This is where the I am the designer you hired because you liked my portfolio/design style & you should just trust me & go with it. I know what I am doing; I know that this sofa, with this fabric, will work best in this room & the fabric is durable enough for your family & life style! UGH! I am so frustrated.

Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm, I am presenting to them again next week, wish me luck!

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