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The Rental

Well, I saw the rental house for the first time yesterday & I was APPALLED! When I saw the house online it looked clean, which was the first priority & the paint colors looked neutral, which was the second priority. But OMG… not neutral. The kitchen was sponge painted yellow/beige & the master bedroom was some shade of pink/orange/coral. WTF !? I felt like I was going insane! I turned to B & told him I had to have the whole house painted. I can’t live in a house with this sponge paint, not even a temporary, two month rental my friend !! And for the first time B & I agreed. Right then, finding out how quickly we could get a painter out to the house to cover up the awful mess became our first priority. So with the little set back, the new moving plan is paint today, tomorrow & half of Thursday. The carpet cleaners come Thursday afternoon, the house cleaners on Friday & we move in Saturday. Gee, I’m not cutting it close am I ??

Public Service Announcement – Sponge paint is never a good idea. DON”T DO IT !!!





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