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How To // Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring a designer for your home or a commercial project can be an overwhelming process. Everyone wants to find a decorator with compatible style, has a great personality & will also stay in their budget! So, before you just dive in to whomever you come across first, I would love to share a few of my favorite tips I found in an article from Domino Magazine a few years back!

JOB TYPE. First, you always want to lay out exactly what you are looking to have done. There are lots of different types of decorators; Some tend to steer toward larger projects such as commercial or entire home makeovers while some also like to take on the smaller “spruce-up” or single room assignments. It’s always good to make sure that the designer you fall in love with is able & willing to do the job you need!

YOUR BUDGET. Decorators can cost more than people expect. Along with the hours put in designing and managing the makeover, you’re most likely buying some new pieces of furniture & other decor essentials. The price can go up quick, so you need to make sure the designer you choose is willing to work with you especially if you have a tighter budget. An estimate will always be given but usually always ends up a little higher, another thing to factor in when coming up with that magic number.

CONSULTATION. Next would be to arrange a consultation. This is so important! This is where you really get the chance to feel the designer out. Does he/she have your same vision, are they enjoyable to be around, do you trust them?! Trust is probably one of the biggest issues. You have to be able to trust who you hire. Not only that they will work their hardest for you but that they probably know the “chair” you might like on paper would be disastrous for the space getting fixed up! Always remember that you’re paying us because we know what we are doing! Trust us!

Lastly, GET AN ESTIMATE. If you feel confident you have picked the right person & have explained what you are looking to have done it’s time to ask for an estimate. This is won’t be the final number but something to gauge whether you will be able to afford he/she or not. Depending on the project they way you pay can vary. There are up-front fee’s, usually used for larger projects, where you pay a portion up front & the rest in installments or some decorators use hourly rates averaging about $100-250/hour.


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